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I’m Mark Rice, your 2024 Republican candidate for Congress in the Illinois 8th Congressional District.

The American Dream, our freedoms and our future are my biggest concerns right now and I intend to be an Illinois-centric representative in D.C., working on restoring our economy, our security and our Constitutional Rights, particularly attacks on our freedom of speech and religion. We must recalibrate focus on expanding the backbone of our economy, the hard working middle class. This will be a crucial key to getting our economy back on track. Middle class Americans are fed up and getting drained mentally and financially by a government intent on operating without reform or spending constraints. Our national debt is a national security issue now and it must be addressed aggressively. With my decades of experience covering the markets, building a successful business in Chicago and my passion to give back and restore hope, I believe we have a bright future ahead. My work in Congress will be to embrace free and open markets, reject Communism and with your support, restore “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”…for ALL Americans!

Join my effort to regain control of our destiny…and support my campaign for the American People and the people of Illinois’ 8th Congressional District.

In Congress, these will be my priorities

Restore and Strengthen the Middle Class

Crackdown on Government Waste and Corruption

Apply a “Liberty Litmus Test” to Legislation and Policies

Safety and Security at Home

Peace through Strength Around the World


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