By DuPage Policy Journal

Mar 31, 2024

Mark Rice spent his Friday in the eighth district, conversing with constituents and familiarizing himself with the communities. He is set to compete against incumbent Democrat Raja Kirshnamoorthi in the upcoming November general election.

“We were out in Bloomingdale this week and in Rutland Township building our coalition for the 8th District,” said Rice, Candidate, according to Facebook. “One thing is for certain, nobody wants failed and corrupt Democrat Communist Chicago machine political virus in their counties. People are hurting bad enough with single party rule, pushing out tyrannical dictates and frankly nonsensical laws, and everyone is now fed up. Either people are packing up and leaving or they are like us, going to fight to unseat the people destroying us.”

Rice’s platform focuses on the restoration and strengthening of the middle class, a crackdown on government waste and corruption, prioritizing safety and security domestically, and advocating for peace through strength globally. According to his campaign website, he also intends to apply a “Liberty Litmus test” to legislation and policies, scrutinizing “every piece of legislation to make sure it does not infringe on our American liberties and rights.” He promises to combat bureaucratic governance where “policies are treated as if they take precedence over our God-given rights and freedoms.”

Screenshot of Mark Rice for Congress March 29 Facebook post | Mark Rice for Congress Facebook page

On March 8, Rice shared a Facebook post that included an interview with Paul Shannon, writer and editor at History Matters and Little Facts Blog. In this interview, Shannon referred to him as a “serious candidate that has a background that can make a difference in matters that help all Americans, instead of focusing on special interest groups.” The interview covered topics such as supporting new and small businesses affected by control from large corporations, controlling our own destiny when it comes to minerals, and how Rice would address what Shannon identified as an insurance industry problem of monopolization by a nonprofit called NQA. Shannon said this organization pushes the liberal agenda.

Currently serving as the CEO of Energy CX, Rice has lived in Illinois for an impressive 35 years. His leadership at Energy CX has earned national recognition, positioning the company as a leader in delivering comprehensive energy solutions. With a team of 70 professionals under his guidance, Rice’s experience in the energy sector establishes him as an influential executive with a profound understanding of the economic landscape. His website emphasizes that Rice’s congressional bid aligns with his commitment to addressing the concerns of the 8th Congressional District and challenging what he perceives as a corrupt administration.

The 8th Congressional District, which encompasses northern Cook County, northern DuPage County, and northeast Kane County, is currently represented by U.S. Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi (D-Ill.). Krishnamoorthi was first elected to Congress in 2016 and is now serving his fourth term as Illinois’ 8th District U.S. Representative.