In Congress, these will be my priorities

  • Restore and Strengthen the Middle Class

    Harmful government policies and out of control spending are putting an unsustainable burden on the Middle Class, the backbone of the country. Too many hard working Americans are having their savings destroyed by high inflation and high energy costs. The Middle Class could once depend on hard work and sensible decisions to achieve the American Dream. Now, the burden of government is becoming so heavy, working people are unable to buy groceries and save for retirement, losing the American Dream. We must reverse course and this will be a priority of mine in Congress.
  • Crackdown on Government Waste and Corruption

    Members in Congress have participated in insider trading and their special interest, back-room deals have self-enriched many beyond the point of replacement. That’s why I support term limits combined with reforms. Too many use their office for personal financial gain, spreading the wealth to family and friends and giving away billions to enemies foreign and domestic. This has created a buffer of unaccountability and a culture of corruption.
  • Apply a “Liberty Litmus Test” to Legislation and Policies

    Our Constitutional Rights must be protected and we must not allow “policy” as a work-around for legislation passed by the people’s representatives. I will scrutinize every piece of legislation to make sure it does not infringe on our American liberties and rights. Similarly, I’ll fight “government by bureaucracy” where policies are treated as if they take precedence over our God-given rights and freedoms. To do anything less would be to sell out the promises in our Declaration of Independence and to shed the protections brilliantly expressed in our Constitution’s Bill of Rights.
  • Safety and Security at Home

    In Congress, I will prioritize the safety and security of all Americans, especially those in Illinois’ 8th District. Citizens are having to fight to keep themselves and their families safe. We have elected officials who are not enforcing laws, not securing the border, not fixing the problems, largely caused by them in the first place. They’re instead, preoccupied with silencing our voices, infringing on our rights and wondering where their next vote is coming from. Meanwhile, as the plight of homeless vets and other at-risk communities grow increasingly distant from the minds of this “ruling class.” Tent cities grow and with them, crime, disease, drugs, human trafficking and human suffering, under an unending flow of illegal immigration. Even migrants, suffering in inhumane conditions, know our current politicians have over promised and under delivered. We can and must do better, with new priorities and courageous leadership.
  • Peace through Strength Around the World

    Our current foreign policies are making the world a more dangerous place for America and our allies. Our weakness in Afghanistan contributed to causing the Russia-Ukraine conflict. It also emboldened Iran and its proxy Hamas to attack Israel. Continued weakness puts Taiwan under increased threat from China. The list goes on and all these aggressors are eyeing America as well. America is at its best when America is strong. Strength means a strong military that understands its purpose. It also means energy independence, secure borders and allies who know we have their back and they have ours, including the only democracy in the Middle East, Israel. Strength also means a strong economy with smart foreign trade that is fair to America and to American workers. In Congress, I will be a voice for these policies that literally are matters of life and death and keys to a future that is safe and free.
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