I was born and raised in Texas and made my home In Illinois for the last 35 years. This is where I raised my four children with my smart and beautiful wife, Ellen.

Family, Freedom, Future

I've built a successful business in Chicago and I'm prepared and proud to leave that responsibility to my capable adult children who are part of the next generation of young leaders creating jobs and opportunities and living lives of service and peace.

My focus in the years ahead is to serve my country and my background in business, energy and the economy is uniquely required for such a time as this. We are facing economic peril brought on by bad policies and bad leadership, frankly bad actors who've sold out our country to lobbyists and special interests.

I want to be part of solving that problem, for my family and yours.

Proven Leadership, Time-Tested Values, Sacrificial Service

Mark was a fourth generation Texan and attended college in Austin where he graduated in 1985 from the University of Texas.

Mark has served on several boards in Illinois including the Jewish Community Center of Chicago, Camp Apache, and Project Interchange.

He is the passionate founder of Trevian Youth Football on the North Shore and Trevian Small Fry Basketball, where he promotes leadership, sportsmanship and a winning spirit. He loves cultivating young minds, inspiring them to work hard to achieve their goals. He has many special memories from coaching youth, who today, he keeps in contact with as adults.

He is the Founder and CEO of a highly successful energy business located in Chicago, Illinois.


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