CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, (November 27, 2023) — Today in Springfield, Mark Rice submitted over 2,000 signatures to place himself on the ballot as the Republican Candidate for Congress in Illinois’ 8th District. This was about four times the number required to be eligible as a candidate.

The 8th District includes parts of Cook, DuPage and Kane Counties and Rice says he’s looking forward to running against President Biden’s impeachment defense lawyer, Democrat, Raja Krishnamoorthi.

Mark Rice is a successful businessman, a political outsider, a husband and father of four. Mark says he’s passionate about restoring the “backbone of our economy,” referring to the Middle Class which has been suffering under “Bidenomics” and what he calls hyper-partisan votes by Members of Congress, with no regard for the people they have a duty to represent. .

“Being a political outsider, makes me well suited to fight for things like a more ethical government that better represents the people. I’ll be a continual reminder of that fact to my colleagues in Congress,” said Rice with a smile.

“We really need to take more seriously, government waste and corruption. I plan on doing that and I plan on being a fierce defender of liberty. I’ll add to that, a focus on policies that keep us safe in our homes and secure on the national and international stage. That includes a secure border, a sane immigration policy and getting back to energy independence so everything is not so expensive and we’re not relying on rivals for our daily needs. There’s just no reason for that in America.”

Mark concluded, “I hope people will learn who I am and want to get involved in the campaign. I have a new website launching this week and it’s going to take a lot of hard work on my part and people’s money and time helping us but I know we can have better representation and better government, if we’ll just refuse to get apathetic and step up and get involved and that’s what I’m doing. I invite everyone to join us.”

Mark Rice has been the CEO of Energy CX for over a decade and has been an Illinois resident for 35 years. He looks forward to representing the 8th Congressional District in Congress.

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