By DuPage Policy Journal

Mark Rice, a candidate for the 8th Congressional District, has voiced criticism against his opponent, U.S. Representative Raja Krishnamoorthi (D-Ill.), accusing him of prioritizing the interests of lobbyists and special interest groups over the welfare of the people. Rice asserted that Krishnamoorthi, whom he referred to as “radical Raja,” had allegedly been pushing experimental global vaccination initiatives without adequate consideration for potential complications.

“People need to know the truth about this guy because he doesn’t fight for people,” Rice said on Facebook. “Radical Raja fights for the lobbyist and special interest groups that filled his campaign coffers.”

The Facebook account for the Constitutional Colonel, specifically pointed to Krishnamoorthi’s role as the Chair of the Global Vaccination Caucus, emphasizing his claims that Krishnamoorthi has been ardently advocating for global vaccinations.

“Fast forward to today, the DOJ is lawyering up with new-hires to help defend the government against a tidal wave of incoming lawsuits from thousands injured,” the Constitutional Colonel said. “We need Justice! We must get radical Raja out of office!!! 

“Support his opponent Mark Rice and donate to his campaign to defeat radical Raja in 2024. Go to Rice4Congress.com.” 

In addition, the Constitutional Colonel shared a video featuring Krishnamoorthi expressing his commitment towards global vaccination efforts.

Krishnamoorthi stated in the video, “I want to get the world vaccinated. I’ve been on a crusade on this particular topic as the chair of the Global Vaccination Caucus. We are not going to be able to end this pandemic until the 2.5 billion people in this world who are not vaccinated get vaccinated.”

This video then directed viewers to a Fox News segment featuring Dr. Marty Makary, a professor at Johns Hopkins University and a health policy expert. Makary raised concerns about adverse events associated with the COVID-19 vaccines, including an increased risk of myocardial infarction and pulmonary embolism.

“There’s nuances,” Makary said. “The Moderna vaccine has a higher risk of myocarditis, which is why it’s been restricted in parts of Europe and countries in Europe like Denmark and Sweden recommend against the COVID vaccine in young people.”

He also expressed frustration over censorship efforts by big tech platforms regarding research studies on vaccine complications. 

“That’s been the greatest frustration for all of us that do research,” Makary added. “We use Google in research, and doctors use it when they look for studies.”

“And Google has downplayed many of the studies that we need to look at about natural immunity, about vaccine complications, about the ideal dosing interval.”

Rice, currently the CEO of Energy CX, boasts a substantial 35-year residence in Illinois. His leadership at Energy CX has garnered national acclaim, establishing the company as a frontrunner in delivering comprehensive energy solutions. Leading a team of 70 professionals, Rice’s experience in the energy sector positions him as a prominent executive with a keen understanding of the economic landscape. His website highlights Rice’s congressional bid aligns with a commitment to address the concerns of the 8th Congressional District and challenge what he perceives as a corrupt administration.